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Review of Lyra New York Vocal Competition
Reviews Götterdämmerung August 2015
Merry Christmas Video 2011
Review: Iolanthe
Review: The Gondoliers


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Review of Lyra New York Vocal Competition

"First Prize in the Oratorio Division was won by mezzo-soprano Melissa Kornacki who wisely selected the "Agnus Dei" from Rossini's Messe Solennelle, to show off her highly operatic sound and gorgeous vocal line. Her deep resonant voice made the most of it and we would love to hear her as one of Rossini's mezzo heroines."

Reviews Götterdämmerung August 2015

"Melissa Kornacki [Waltraute] struck sparks in her scene with her love-besotted sister."
~Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Melissa Kornacki makes her [Waltraute] fascinating nevertheless—beautifully sung with real depth of character"
~Chuck Lavazzi,

"Melissa Kornacki as Waltraude, Brünnhilde's Valküre sister, fills the role with life and energy when she comes to beg Brünnhilde to give back the Ring."
~Steve Callahan, 

Merry Christmas Video 2011

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O Holy Night
Me w/ Soprano, Adriana Gonzalez

Review: Iolanthe

See if you can keep this straight. Strephon (an Arcadian shepherd) is the son of Iolanthe (a wayward fairy) and the Lord Chancellor (a high-born mortal). Strephon, therefore, is part fairy (the top half) and part mortal (the bottom half). Phyllis (a shepherdess) loves Strephon. Strephon loves Phyllis, but so does the whole House of Lords. Mixed into this Gilbert and Sullivan romp are a gaggle of fairies, their queen and a gruff and proper Grenadier Guard. No surprise that everyone ends up happily paired off.

Review: The Gondoliers

"The royal family was the stand out for this production. Gary Sullivan, Melissa Kornacki, and Sarah Kate Walston were the best actors and singers on stage. Their part flew by with beautiful singing and great comedic timing. The set and costumes were excellently evocative of the scenes of this extremely silly plot. A very effective gondola appeared on stage, seeming to really float, beautiful columns, and a tongue and cheek rat statue made for a fully realized stage. Also, two children appeared on stage for some totally unscripted and hilarious bits."

Review: Oblivion

DC Theater Scene - Oblivion

What waits beyond the veil of reality? Is it Heaven? Hell? Or something else? This very human question forms the crux of Oblivion, a charming new opera charting one man’s struggle with his own mortality and the prospect of life after death.

Adapted from the H.P. Lovecraft short story “Ex Oblivione”, Oblivion follows the last days of Howard Bright, a man with a loving wife and son, a good job, and a terminal diagnosis. As Howard’s physical state deteriorates, he begins to experience incredibly lucid dreams.

Review : "La fanciulla del West"

Every year The American Center for Puccini Studies (Puccini America) has a Vigil to celebrate the Maestro’s birthday. This was the 7th such Vigil. It commemorated not only Puccini’s 152nd Birthday, but the 100th Anniversary of the Premiere of La fanciulla del West (The Girl of the Golden West). This most unusual opera, with a libretto by Guelfo Civinini and Carlo Zangarini, is based on a play by David Belasco (Madama Butterfly is also based on a play by Belasco). The opera premiered in 1910 not at La Scala di Milano, but at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and featured in the principal roles the stellar cast of Enrico Caruso, Emmy Destinn and Pasquale Amato with the legendary conductor Arturo Toscanini on the podium.

Rehearsal "The Musical Life of Rossini"

Rehearsal from May 3rd!
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The Musical Life of Rossini
Rehearsal for May 7 2011 concert

Commentary on Beethoven Nine

Please excuse the crazy hair!
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Melissa Kornacki and William Davenport talk about Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Review: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

MARCH 28, 2011
Weekend round-up: Concert Artists, Baltimore Concert Opera, Columbia Pro CantareAfter catching the Baltimore Symphony's performance Friday, my weekend continued musically Saturday night at Peabody, where Concert Artists of Baltimore offered an all-Beethoven program.I could have done without the "Emperor" Concerto in the first half. Pianist Clinton Adams, a fine musician with a long tenure at Peabody and a strong connection to Concert Artists, didn't really have all the technical chops for the assignment; his tone was mostly loud, his phrasing mostly cold.
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